Good news for the Aspirants who would like to study from the comfort of their homes. Admissions for BBA in Travel & Tourism also BBA in Aviation are now Open at the DY Patil School of Open & Distance Learning.

Flexible Validity

All the students who secure admission in either of the graduate degree courses have the following options of validity flexibility:

●   Regular students can extend the flexibility of their validity to a period of maximum 2 years.
●   The period of validity extension depends upon the amount of fee already paid to the institution.
●   If a student applies for validity, he/she has to pay INR 5,000 as validity fees.
●   Validity fee is not refundable.
●   Validity will be granted only after the university approves the validity fee and approves the documentation of the candidate.
●   All applications of validity extension should be submitted atleast 45 days prior to expiry of validity. In case of non-adherence, the university has the right to deny validity to a candidate.

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