City & Guilds, London

One of the leading institutes of London, City and Guilds offers specialisation courses in various academic and professional disciplines . These courses are designed with a view to build successful careers, businesses and economies . By collaborating with brands like ILM, Kineo ,The Oxford Group,Digitalme, Gen2, City and Guilds strives to impart quality education and trains people as per industry standards and emergent trends.

City & Guilds Institute of London anticipates the changing needs of people and organisations, embrace technology and new approaches to learning, and work with like-minded partners to develop the skills that industries demand across the world.

It develops programmes of learning, learning technology, certification and assessment, to support colleges, training providers and governments. City & Guilds has a presence in every further education college in the UK. Its qualifications span 26 industries and are delivered through 10,000 training centres across the globe – reaching millions of people every year across five continents.

In a global economy, the ability to compete depends on building a skilled, competent, and confident workforce. Yet, across the world, governments and businesses are grappling with a crisis from a shortage of people with the skills they need. If ignored, the future looks bleak: wide-ranging unemployment, low social mobility and economic decline. Work-relevant education and training is fundamental to solving this crisis. The City & Guilds Group is committed to transforming skills development across the globe, for personal, organisational and economic success.

The Group is focused on continually raising standards so people and businesses can be the best they can be. As a Royal Charter Institution, it sets the bar for skills, both in the UK and around the world, through innovative collaborations.

The Group is dedicated to developing new products and services to help people learn in accessible and mobile ways. These range from interactive learning materials like apps and e- books to learning management systems and the UK’s first e-certificate solution – all aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of learning. Whether it’s a new type of learning technology or a new way to help young people take that first step into their careers, everything the City & Guilds Group does is about connecting skills to jobs so people and organisations can progress – today and tomorrow.

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